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Cachiccata Trek : All Information

Cachiccata Trek : A walk off the beaten track with little known places.

Cacchicata in the time of the Inkas was very sacred because thanks to the minerals that were extracted from the place could be built enclosures.

During the walk to cachiccata you will know Inca ruins and beautiful landscapes, as well as places where the stones were extracted for the constructions of the Inkas Palaces.

Cachiccata Trek Meaning

In Quechua language is written ( Kachi Qhata ) which means Salt Slope.

Locals mention Kachi Qhata (slope or salt slope) was named as such by the slope that exists in the place.

Where’s Cachiccata ?

It is located 67.7 kilometers from Cusco city, is located in the district of Ollantaytambo, the living Inca city.

Duration of trip to ollantaytambo: approximately 1 hour

On reaching ollantantaytambo there are still 8 Kilometers with 300 meters to travel to get to Cachiccata – INTI PUNKU.

Cachiccata Lift Ruta – INTI PUNKU

The ascent begins from the inka bridge over large blocks of river stone (Vilcanota or Urubamba) located at the entrance to ollantaytambo.

Once we have crossed the Inka bridge, our ascent begins on the left bank. A sign that shows us the route to follow.

Map that goes through the cachiccata trek quarries

map to cacchicata

On path begins parallel to the Vilcanota River, where we will find groups of architects of the Inca culture.

The path will take us to the bottom of the cachiccata quarry, along the walk we will come across one of the ramps where the Inkas slid the stone blocks.

The quarries are located under the black Apu from which they extracted enormous blocks of pink stone.

Continuing with our ascent we will make a stop at the archaeological site of Choquetacarpo located at 3.394 m.a.s.l.

Choquetacarpo : Archaeological site of which its purpose is unknown. pobladores indicates that it could have been a residence of those who administered the quarry.

After visiting choquetacarpo continues our last stage of ascent until reaching 3.943 m.a.s.l. with the view to INTI PUNKU ( Puerta del Sol 🌤 )

Altitude and Distance

  • Starting altitude – 3300m / 10,827ft.
  • Highest altitude – 4500 m / 14,764 ft –
  • Walking distance – 25 km / 15.5 miles


The walk :

  • easy – moderate
  • Steep
  • Downhill

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